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Paige and I are both teachers seeking international careers in education. Paige is a Washington State certificated teacher in both biology and chemistry and is currently teaching Chemistry as well as Earth and Space Science at Edmonds Woodway High School. She graduated from the University of Washington’s Secondary Teacher Education Program on March 2017 with her Masters in Teaching. I am currently halfway through that same program and will graduate in March 2018. My specialization is in mathematics and I am currently student teaching in Geometry and Pre-calculus classrooms at Nathan Hale High School

We got started down path to becoming teachers and the path to becoming husband and wife while serving in Peace Corps Sierra Leone. Unfortunately our service was cut short when we were evacuated due to Ebola. Wanting to return to Africa and again work in challenging settings, we found an opportunity to volunteer teaching at a school for orphans through the NGO Orphans Africa. After working in Tanzania for another year, we returned to America. While here we have furthered our education, taught in various capacities and gotten married.

More information on our professional histories can be found in our Resumes.

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